Daily in the, men bear of pressure than woman to more, don’t thought men body strong, in high pressure Xia, if not note health body, body is easy down off, especially had has 30 age, men of many physiological function are may will decline has, this is more to focused on health, men had has 30 age on the health has, so 30 age of men the how health does? following on with small series with to understand about.

1, on a diet.
Men over the age of 30, family stability, business is thriving, and entertainment will be plenty, so dining opportunities also increased. Especially at night, 35 friends often get together, have a drink, eat a meal. When eating high fat, high calorie foods, and they will drink a lot of wine, and ate no fruit and vegetables, for men’s health.
So from the perspective of men’s health, men must be strict diet control, reducing the chance of eating out. Even eat outside, also pay attention to eat less, drink less, to protect the body, reducing the attack of illness. Recommend here is very good for men’s health foods, such as broccoli, cabbage, celery, onions, etc.
2, sports.
Life is movement. Men over the age of 30, bodily functions begin to decline, more to proper motion. Proper exercise can not only consume accumulation of fat in the body, but also can promote the body’s circulation, helping blood running, has the very big help to promote health, men according to their own situations, choose their own form of exercise and, if necessary, can be carried out under the guidance of professionals.

3, to learn from the women.
Advantage woman inherited genes male, women live longer than men, and that’s one reason. In fact, women acquired habits also contribute to health, Kang. Such as: the woman failing to vent, talk, release of internal pressure. Men like hard resistance, easy grievances into a disease. Women love to shop, clean up the House, 35 friends gossip, not idle state, these habits are beneficial to health. Male smoking, drinking, all-night gaming, entertainment and other habits are not conducive to health.
4, other.
Men over the age of 30, usually is the pillar of the family, life stress, and stress, many people choose to smoke or drink, not knowing that these bad habits, a little erosion in men’s health, so from the perspective of health health, men are definitely not smoking and drinking to control, not drinking too much. While men over 30 years old to control life, combined with good rest, not too hard, get enough sleep, rest as much attention.

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